The CEAMOC’s activities are conducted through grass-roots participation and always utilizes participatory and social marketing approach. CEAMOC is using the existing Governmental structures such as community health centres and auxiliary health and social workers who serve the public/community people. The Centre is also conscious of the religious and cultural sensitivity of target communities. Moreover, CEAMOC has efficient and effective Management Information System and Monitoring and Evaluation System (M&E). The Centre is therefore working towards improving the lot of women and children addressing issues and policies through a myriad of programmes such as the implementation of inclusive and gender-sensitive policies that will uplift the standard of their lives especially for those at the gross-root level.

All these, she was able to do without support from the state government. As a great mobilizer of human and material resources, Mrs. Masari leveraged on her vast network of friends, associates and well-meaning indigenes of the state and other kind-hearted Nigerians to raise funds for the activities of the centre. The Centre is overtly committed to effectively reducing the vulnerabilities of rural communities and to empower women and youth in the rural areas of Katsina state, and through them households and rural communities so as to enable them gain greater control of their own lives and resources.

May 2019
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